WordPress Hosting

25.00 exc. VAT / month


Managed WordPress Hosting

We only host and maintain WordPress sites so each site is configured optimised to its optimum state. No need to make any server or PHP configurations, we’ll do that for you. There’s no need for third-party caching solutions or Content Delivery Networks – these are all covered in your hosting price.

Super Fast Performance

The power of the Google Cloud Platform means enterprise-level speed for each site. Each WordPress site has its own resources. Combined with in-house caching and a Content Delivery Network, better scalability means spikes in site traffic won’t result in downtime or a performance hit.

Nightly Full Backups

Our off-site nightly backups, means your site files and database will always be safe. Instant restore, in the unlikely event of your site breaking, is included in your hosting plan.

Staging Sites

Each plan comes with a staging site. Here you can test out upgrades, new plugins & themes without any hit to your live site. The staging site can also be where the site is designed and built before going live. A single click can push or pull changes from the staging to live sites or vice-versa

Free SSL Certificates

For security, speed and SEO ranking it is essential now that all sites (not just ecommerce ones) have an SSL Certificate. We provide a free Let’s Encypt Certs for you in the cost of your hosting. The green padlock and https encryption gives your users a greater sense of security to interact with your site.

Free Site Migration

If you don’t avail of our design services, we still love to host your existing site if it’s WordPress, of course! We’ll migrate the site to a staging site first so you can ensure everything is working ok before it goes live. All existing plugins & themes (licences permitting) will be upgraded as part of your hosting plan.

Secure & Safe Hosting

All site security is at the server level so there’s no need for security plugins anymore. In the event of a malware hack on your site, we’ll clean it up at no extra cost. Intelligent IP blocking on our security systems detects intruders and blocks them across all sites on within seconds.

99.9% Uptime Guaranteed

The Google Cloud Platform uses Auto-healing technology meaning each WordPress site on our platform will heal itself in the event of any service failure. Our Instant-scaling technology if there are spikes in traffic on your site scaling for extra viitors happens instantly. No downtime or a migration to more hardware necessary.

Weekly Software Updates

All themes and plugins used on your site will be updated weekly on your staging site for testing before going live. Ensuring no downtime if there are any software bugs and that your site is as secure as possible with the latest updates. All this is included in your hosting plan.

Monthly Performance Reports

Whatever your organisation we’ll work with you to sure your site’s goals are realised. Whether it’s an increase in traffic, form conversions, engagement in forums, publicising events, etc. we’ll use Google Analytics to set up performance metrics to understand what’s working & not working on your site both online & offline.