WordPress Design

500.00 exc. VAT


Huge Range of Themes

Choose from an unparalleled number of themes to match your industry and site goals. Customise the layout, branding, colour and typography.

Unrivalled functionality

Whether it’s complex forms, geolocation services, forums etc. we’ll guarantee to find you an out-of-the-box solution with no extra cost.

Streamlined Project Management

Collaborate and communicate with your own project management dashboard. No need for email or third-party file-sharing. See what’s been done, what’s happening next and how the site design is progressing. Click here for more details

Guaranteed Bundle Price

We guarantee that your site design will only cost €500 + VAT as long as you sign-up for our great value hosting package. For details click here.

Staging Sites

We will design your site on a dedicated staging site before it goes live. This site will be visible to you only. So if you require only part of the site to go live we can be working on the rest of the site without anyone else seeing the proofing stage.

Device friendly design

It’s crucial that right from the start of our process all devices types are designed for. Now more than ever mobile and tablets are not an afterthought when the desktop version is ready.

User Experience

Creating a great user experience when a user visits your site is crucial to your site and your organisations success. We will work relentless during the design phase to test all aspects of your site interactions to ensure the smoothest possible experience for your audience.


We cover this in more detail in the discovery phase of our process. Research into what your potential audience is and wants is again crucial to your site’s success. We will look at: your audience, SEO, social media, off-line marketing & more to ensure your site is seen by the right people.


Too often, after a site is built and goes live there is no structure for user feedback and site interaction. We will set up Google Analytics so you have monthly reports based on goals we will work on together i.e. visits, time on site, downloads, comments etc. We can then look at all the factors that effect those results and see what improvements (or not!) need to be made.